Security Consultancy

Australian Security and Protection offers security consultancy services within different locations. Securing your company information needs proper management from the beginning and that’s what ASAP has to offer.
ASAP has a great history in providing security management to clients that includes assessment, advice, design, project management, and documentation. ASAP security management professionals are fully trained and experienced so that they promptly help clients plan and design to enable a safe and secure environment for their business today and in the future.
We help clients have security assurance with our appropriate and cost-effective security controls to protect their company information and assets against all security threats. Our security consultancy services include the following:

- Risk Assessment and Security Audits

Business Security Risk Assessment is a part of a sound security system. Every company needs to understand different types and levels of security risks, if not, then Australian Security and Protection is what you need on your business.

Security risks may vary on forms from low risk to high risk or from internal or external forces and failure to recognize and manage them could cause you serious security problems.

Do you want to develop a site for new warehousing or administration? Or do you want to improve an area you think is not secure enough? ASAP will carry out a security risk assessment in any aspect of your business.

ASAP provide security risk assessment service that will:

- Identify and evaluate potential threats that might exist with your current systems and procedures measuring their effectiveness on different standards.

- Make a detailed report that includes all the recommended solutions that are practically helpful to manage the risks that are identified.

- Advice on what systems and procedures will be implemented so we can prevent negative security events and at the same time avoid security problems.

- Provide appropriate solutions based on the level of exposure of security risks.

- Work in harmony with the present operational activities.

- Provide first-class, unbiased, impartial advice from security industry experts.

- Business Security Design

If you’re always after the safety and security of your employees, property, and profits, then Australian Security and Protection can provide you best security solution for your business by helping you design your security systems and procedures for you to mitigate the risks within your company.

For your safe and secure business premises, we can use different security strategies to merge with the security and protection needs of your people, company, and profits. Since the world grows with technology, a lot of security threats come out which makes it become alarming to your business. Here at ASAP, we can help you start with a good security design for your company.

We can design security controls in your system so that your company can keep up with the security threats. Most companies are not applying security measures from the beginning, perhaps make their business secure when once a threat has already taken place. That’s why ASAP specialised in providing the specific security design that is tailored to fit the security needs of your company.

Good security design is essential. ASAP focuses on different areas depending on the purpose of the client such as Access Control, Intruder Systems, and Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV.

- Security Project Management

Is your business fully protected? Unless your security systems are effectively installed, and operation procedures are active, you can’t say it is. That’s why Australian Security and Protection exists to provide companies:

- Provide complete project management service for security installation
- on time and within budget security systems installation
- minimum intrusion to the business
- correctly installed security system
- trained and skilled operation and maintenance staff
With experienced project managers in all disciplines of security, ASAP has been able to be involved in contracts for a diverse range of industries and secure that works are completed to the quality, time and budgetary requirements that have been set.
Thus, with the great security service that ASAP has to offer, you can be able to focus on your core business while we fully provide you the security requirement that you need.

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