Cash in Transit (CIT)

Our Cash in Transit services have been carefully designed to protect companies from the risks associated with handling cash and coin. ASAP has the people, the infrastructure and the experience to offer our safest and most comprehensive cash transportation services.

We specialize in both covert and overt point-to-point cash transit, providing fully trained and highly experienced staff to secure your funds. All ASAP officers offer a low impact, low profile service in the most professional manner possible. We also provide the option for armed officers when required; maintaining stringent processes across all transfers to ensure that your cash is traceable at any stage.

Why Choose ASAP for CIT?

Your confidentiality will not be compromised.

A confidentiality agreement forms an integral part of our service agreement and only persons with direct involvement or knowledge of the agreed upon service are required to sign the confidentiality agreement, this acts as a deterrent for any fraudulent intentions and also aids in Police investigations if required.

ASAP have a perfect safety record, It is something we are very proud of.

Listed below is an example of the professional service you can look forward to:

  • You book your daily, weekly, monthly or annual collection online, or an extra collection even same day can be done with you setting the window and providing any notes direct to your officer (eg bring more EBDs please).
  • This is automatically sent to your regular collection officer in an SMS and his manager.
  • He then replies to confirm or reassign the job, if not, he and his manager receive a further SMS and a report is generated.
  • The job is confirmed and you know who is coming as his picture and mobile number immediately appear online for you to call just in case.
  • We then arrive within this window to drop any change, you may have ordered /need and collect your banking at the same time.
  • This is then immediately viewable online complete with any charges for your peace of mind.
  • When the drop is made at either our processing center or the bank, your receipt will be uploaded to your website telling you that it has arrived with your seal intact.
  • Every Invoice is available online as well as licenses, insurances and any other documentation you wish.

That's service! To discuss your security requirements, or for more information, please contact us.

Master License

(SYD) 000 102 501

(QLD) 404 73 75

(WA) SA5 43 81

(TAS) 212 85

(ACT) 175 02 43

(VIC) 882 642 72S

(SA) ISL 276637