Security Officers

ASAP Security Officers are trained and equipped to operate in a diverse range of situations and locations. We can provide permanent or casual officers anytime of the day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of our total service package, we will enhance your business image through a complementary security image.

To this extent we provide five different uniform choices from which you can select, ranging from designer to corporate through to our patrol uniform and a semi-casual look. We do this so that we may better suit the image that you wish to portray.

ASAP Security Officers are educated to perform a wide range of duties beyond conventional security functions. By delivering customer service functions, screening, controlling access points and incident reporting such as criminal activity, accidents, or occurrences that could potentially result in injury, property damage, or disruption of our client’s operations, you can rest assured that our security officers work with your interests at heart.

Our Security Officers are also trained to identify and minimize the risk of accidental losses from fire, theft and human error. You can count on them to respond promptly and appropriately to incidents when they occur.

Undercover / Plain Clothes Security Officers

Do you have a special requirement? Do you need security but do not want your customers and staff to feel intimidated? Perhaps staff or management are helping themselves to the till? Perhaps you would just like to know what goes on when your back is turned? Australian Security And Protection have officers who are able to fit into almost any situation undetected. For long or short term requirements, our officers can get you the results you need without anybody knowing they were there. Call us today to discuss your needs, complete discretion guaranteed.

Loss Prevention Security Officers

Loss prevention is such a diverse field, it takes an experienced professional to put in place a good loss prevention program.

Think of all the ways your business can generate loss :

Environment - Fire - Flood - Earthquake - Economy - Recession - Stock Crash - Exchange Rates - Stock Damage - Theft - Age - Staff - Industrial Action - Injury, Non-Productivity, the list goes on almost endlessly, Australian Security And Protection have trained professionals that can integrate into your environment and prevent loss as much as possible wherever they see it.

The financial rewards of employing Australian Security And Protection to prevent loss to your business can be the difference between profit and loss, and in most cases, the results are better than the client could have ever thought possible.

Talk to an Australian Security And Protection Consultant today and prevent unnecessary loss in your business from tomorrow.

Bodyguards / Close Personal Protection

ASAP Security GuardsASAP Security Officers provide Personal and Executive Protection for Dignitaries, Celebrities, Politicians, Executives, and their families.

High profile individuals in all walks of life have become targets of those who seek to either make a name for themselves or to make a point and gain attention for their opinion or support of their cause.

Australian Security And Protection staff have extensive experience in designing a protection plan customised to meet the needs of each individual so that they can maintain a normal lifestyle.

State-of-the-art luxury vehicles and limousines, aircraft, even helicopters, and yachts are available for the use of Australian Security And Protection clients.

Private and personalized transfer service in these vehicles is available to and from any airport, marina, and residence and can accommodate either individuals or groups of individuals as necessary.

Whatever the need, whatever the threat, our VIP Unit can and will accommodate in such a professional way, your VIP will be glad we are there.

Please ask for the growing list of happy clients who choose to use our protection team when either touring in Australia or going abroad.

Function and Party Security

Are you organizing or hosting a birthday party, wedding or a corporate function? The special occasion can be spoilt by gate crashers or intoxicated people who have had one too many drinks, you can protect your guests from experiencing the awkward nature of these events by speaking to Australian Security And Protection and allowing us to tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Corporate Party and Function Security Services

  • Internal and External Perimeter Checks
  • Invitation Only / VIP List Checks
  • Instructional Requests
  • Local Police Liaison
  • Guest Escorts
  • Head Count Control (Fire Regulations)
  • Entry and Exit Screening / Weapons Search

Our security personnel are highly qualified with years of operational experience, they are all trained in customer service, occupational health and safety and responsible service of alcohol (RSA).

Click here to view the Police Safe Party Pack information brochure.

Master License

(SYD) 000 102 501

(QLD) 404 73 75

(WA) SA5 43 81

(TAS) 212 85

(ACT) 175 02 43

(VIC) 882 642 72S

(SA) ISL 276637