Security Services

It is the aim of the organization to be able to provide advice, supply, install and maintain the entire range of security products and services. As you consider our extensive list of products and services, you will notice that from the Security and Risk Consultancy Services there may be a demand for any of the other services the ASAP Organisation offers. ASAP aims to become a one-stop security shop for businesses, in particular for larger organizations that have a preference for dealing with one supplier rather than many.

Event Security Service

ASAP have experience in securing places of mass gathering. In today’s environment, the safety of patrons and assets is paramount. ASAP specialize in minimising and mitigating risk. We focus on providing a specialized approach to security and customer service to ensure that clients and visitors alike enjoy a great experience. We work closely with event organizers and stakeholders to plan and implement the ideal security plan for a variety of events. Our event staffs are trained to manage scenarios and deal with issues that might otherwise compromise the success or safety of the event. From risk and scenario planning to operations and final debriefing, ASAP delivers exceptional security experience for event organizers and their visitors.

After Sales Service

As an ASAP customer, you will have a dedicated Client Services Manager who will be your contact point for your relationship with the ASAP Organisation. The Client Services Manager will be able to organize, coordinate and be ultimately responsible for all the services the client requires through the organization. Our Communication setup is a key competitive tool as it enables the ASAP Organisation to maintain and advertise a One Call, One Solution system. ASAP Offer Delivery of all products, delivery comes with an on-time guarantee. ASAP Offer Service Contracts with all services as well as alarm systems, safes, tracking products etc. ASAP Offers telephone support for all products and services via the Client Service Managers. ASAP Offers each new client a follow-up or client servicing schedule which is tailored to the client and the size of the contract and may range from annual visits to daily calls.

For more information about how Australian Security And Protection Security Services can help you provide a safe and secure environment for your people property and profits please contact us.

Master License

(SYD) 000 102 501 (QLD) 404 73 75 (WA) SA5 43 81 (TAS) 212 85
(ACT) 175 02 43 (VIC) 882 642 72S (SA) ISL 276637
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