Security is essential for homes, companies and businesses especially if they want to secure their privacy and reduce criminal activity. However, nowadays, connections to numbers of computers especially on where business transactions occur is prominent.

Australian Security and Protection provides different companies, businesses and organisations efficient and extensive range of Electronics Security solutions. Our electronic security services suit every client’s requirements and budget from monitoring and access control systems to tailor-made electronics security technology system.

ASAP has comprehensive knowledge in choosing the right technology for each site or facility where it manages the installation process, provides on-going maintenance, and offers to monitor via 24/7 Control Room to give companies the security they need to protect their businesses, assets, and profits.

Here are the electronics security solutions ASAP has to offer:

Residential Electronic Alarm Services

Australian Security and Protection creates a safe and secure environment for you and your family by assessing the vulnerability of your homes premises via providing a ‘state of the art’ range of intruder security alarm systems and components.

ASAP supply and installs only leading brands of home electronics home security alarm systems and offers full 24-hour monitoring or as you required. Our residential electronic alarm services can provide you security solutions where we can take different approaches to understand what home security system you and your family need.

We have consultant experts who can design a system that will suit your requirements and budget. ASAP security experts and consultants are experienced in reducing your vulnerability to home invasions and prevent losses and damage by correctly installing the selected home alarm system. Our recommended alarm system will surely provide you a complete peace of mind!

Commercial Electronic Security Services

Australian Security and Protection’s goal is to help you have a safer workplace while keeping your profits with systems that prevents losses and damages, managing your employees, and limiting liabilities

Australian Security and Protection’s goal is to help you have a safer workplace while keeping your profits with systems that prevents losses and damages, managing your employees, and limiting liabilities

We only supply and install the finest alarm systems that’s why our system only needs rarely attention when it comes to maintenance. However, should the need arise, all technician vehicles carry an extensive range of spares to allow us to have your alarm system working at peak efficiency 24 hours a day.

Our commercial electronics security services list also includes:
- Comprehensive monitoring service
- Quick alarm alerts to any invasion
- Integrated alarm and monitoring services
Access Control

One way to protect your business is to know the flow of movement that takes place in and out your building. In order to do that, you need an effective access control system that will simplify your access to the most important and critical assets of your business.

Australian Security and Protection provides you appropriate access control system design for your business whether it is small, large and multi-level. Your business security needs may vary from time to time that’s why we only provide access control experts to give you additional security features.

ASAP access control security devices are high quality and designed to integrate correctly with different security systems that can track and restrict access for different categories of personnel or visitors at various key points around your premises.

Closed-Circuit Television CCTV

Your business physical protection starts with a dependable Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV. Australian Security and Protection only provides tailored design of CCTV systems in different businesses that suit every client’s security requirement and budget.

ASAP can design simple monitoring systems using one or two cameras, or complex multi-camera systems using superior technical monitoring and recording equipment that provides high clarity detailed images that can be used as evidence if the worst should happen.

Our expert technicians will work with you to identify the security requirements that your business needs and will provide you cost-effective security solutions. Once they installed the CCTV security systems, our experts will ensure that you’ll receive continuing technical support and assistance as well as security patrols and alarm services coupled with security officers if required.

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