Security Patrols

ASAP Officers are trained and equipped to operate in a diverse range of situations and locations. Our security patrols can be either permanent or ad-hoc and are done randomly with accurate reporting to our clients.

ASAP considers that the safest sites employ a wide range of security services. By complimenting static guarding with mobile security patrols, or engaging independent patrols, your assets are protected. Our fleet consists of environmentally friendly patrol vehicles and a 24/7 Control Room, ASAP delivers a strategic and efficient mobile patrol service that can be tailored to meet every client’s needs.

We are constantly upgrading our vehicles with the latest security, GPS and job management technology to provide our clients real benefits for the duration of any contract.

That's service! To discuss your security patrol requirements, or for more information, please contact us.

Master License

(SYD) 000 102 501

(QLD) 404 73 75

(WA) SA5 43 81

(TAS) 212 85

(ACT) 175 02 43

(VIC) 882 642 72S

(SA) ISL 276637